The Green Machine

Real Environmental Leadership

Washing Process

Larsen Marine’s commitment to the environment includes being the first and only marine facility on Lake Michigan to install the Aquas Waste Water Treatment System for cleansing the water used in power washing boat bottoms. Through a series of collection pits, pumps, tanks and filters, this system treats and re-circulates the water to eliminate harmful discharges back into the Lake.

Products and Practices:

Larsen Marine operates in accordance with Clean Marine guidelines. Responsibility also extends to boat owners in their adherence to our Environmental Policies and Best Management Practices, which require the use of environmentally friendly products, specified handling and disposition of hazardous materials, and precautionary measures when repairing, maintaining and operating vessels.

A critical value of Larsen Marine is to remain a leader in championing environmental responsibility, in which we all have a role to play. Printed copies of our Environmental Policies and Best Management Practices are available in our Ship’s Store, Service Department, Website, and posted prominently throughout the yard.


The Green Machine

The Green Machine works hard, and it works well. The impact is surprising. Despite its industrial capacity, it requires filter changes after every one to two boats during the busy haul-out season. Constant filter changes are evidence of exactly how effective this machine is in helping preserve the environment in and around the lake.

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Special Yard Hours

Hours for the yard will be Tuesday through Sunday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. You may call us at 847 336-5456 or email us at 

Please be advised that like many other communities, Waukegan has a requirement for face coverings. Please do not enter any building where you boat is not stored, especially our workshops and Service Departments.