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NC Series

Jeanneau NC 695

Jeanneau Nc695 Thumb

The dynamic NC 695 is a multi-use cruiser, ideal for family outings. The profile of her windscreen and large sliding glass doors lend her that elegance that is fundamental to beautifully designed boats. A dream com … Read More >>

Jeanneau NC 795

Jeanneau Nc 14 ListWith her contemporary design and distinct personality, the NC 795 Sport offers true comfort while underway and quality of life on board. Her proven hull, stable and fast, ensures excellent performance… Read More >>

Jeanneau NC 895

Jeanneau Nc895 ThumbDesigned for cruising, the NC 895 is a true weekender. She offers an incomparably bright interior, with wide windows in the helm station and even more comfort for those special shared moments on board… Read More >>

Jeanneau NC 1095

Jeanneau Nc1095 ThumbDiscover the all-new NC 1095. At 35 feet, the NC 1095 is the perfect family cruiser, ideal for a weekend away or simply a day on the water. She features recessed side-decks allowing for safe movement… Read More >>

Leader Series

Jeanneau Leader 6.5

Jeanneau Leader 6.5 Thumb

In the direct line of her 9- and 10-metre predecessors, the CAP CAMARAT 6.5 WA SERIE3 benefits from an excellent new hull designed by Michael Peters. Her powerful, solid design corresponds perfectly with the CAP line… Read More >>

Jeanneau Leader 7.5

Jeanneau Leader 7.5 ThumbAlready the reference in the 7-metre boat category, and based on the magnificent streamlined hull by M. PETERS, the new CAP CAMARAT 7.5 WA SERIES 2 boasts a distinctly young, dynamic and sporty style… Read More >>

Jeanneau Leader 9

Jeanneau Leader 9 ThumbThe Leader 9.0 revisits the concept of the 8.5 WA, a sporty boat with a family-friendly concept, which has become a great success. Her traditional V-shaped hull design is by Michael Peters. Powerful… Read More >>

Jeanneau Leader 9 CC

Jeanneau Leader 9cc ThumbThe Leader 9.0 Center Console offers a variety of fun possibilities for outings on the water with family and friends. This new Center Console offers the perfect combination of fishing… Read More >>

Jeanneau Leader 10.5

Jeanneau Leader 10.5 ThumbWith its very contemporary design combining elegance and sporty lines, the Leader 10.5 is capable of easily traveling long distances at fast cruising speeds while offering optimal comfort… Read More >>

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