Fall Decommissioning Forms

To ensure the best possible service and preparation for the end of boating season, complete and submit your Haul Out and Decommissioning Order along with your desired date as early in the fall as possible. Be as thorough as possible in placing your service order to make sure that all of your requested services are completed for the off-season.

Our Online Services Guide and Order Entry System allow you to submit your order directly to us without the need to copy, fax, email, or call.

Of even greater value, as you complete the order online, you’ll be prompted by the system to reduce the likelihood that important maintenance and safety needs are not overlooked. More than a decommissioning order, the Online Services Guide and Order Entry System includes a complete range of services.

Fall Decommissioning, Maintenance, and Scheduling Order Entry System

Click on the computer screen below to begin the process of getting your sail or powerboat ready for storage at the end of the season, and to request your docking and decommissioning dates. Pricing for decommissioning and other services are listed below.

Order Screen Decommission Arrow 2020

You may also place your services and decommissioning order in person or by using our paper order forms, by visiting our Service Department, or calling Nikki at 847 336-5456 x840. Any of our Service Writers are available to discuss your needs and assist you in completing your order.

2020 Pricing Schedules for Decommissioning and Other Seasonal Services

Winterize Inboard Powerboat

Winterize Inboard Powerboat 2020

Winterize Sailboat

Winterize Sailboat 2020

Winterize Sterndrive or Outboard Boat

Winterize Sterndrive Or Outboard Boat 2020

Save Money – 2020 Protection Package

Winterize Sterndrive Or Outboard Boat 2020

15% Off Shrink Wrap

2020 Shrink Wrap Rates

Winterize Sterndrive Or Outboard Boat 2020

Our expert service team

Patti Herzog
Patti Herzog
Mechanical & Electrical
847-336-5456 x832
Mike Shield
Ian Gates
Ian Gates
Paint & Fiberglass
847-336-5456 x819
Kevin Kriegel
Kevin Kriegel
Electronics Manager
847-336-5456 x825


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