Near Waukegan Harbor Launch Ramp

At Larsen Marine, we offer a clean and secure area (inside or outside) for you to park your boat and trailer. When you want to use your boat, just come and take it to any lake of your choice and bring it back to our yard when you are done.

How it Works

For each month or season for which you pay storage, we give you the gate combination so you have 24/7 access to your boat for pickup or return. You can do your boating on your time and not worry about our closing times. Just come and trail your boat to any public launch ramp, have a great day of boating, and then return your boat to our facility. Its that easy!

This Service is for small trailerable boats up to 26′ in length and 8’6″ in beam; Otherwise special rates apply.

The season is May 15 through September 15.

The seasonal rate is $350.00 for outside storage or $560.00 for inside storage. Additional days are $3.95 per day (outside) or $6.75 per day (inside).

JUNE entire month
JULY entire month
AUGUST entire month
FULL SEASON May 15–Sept 15

The Daily Rate applies to partial months

Our expert boat storage team

Please call any one of our boat storage team to discuss how we can be a valuable resource for you in Winter storage, Dry stack, Summer parking, Trailer Storage, Mast storage, and even our Rewards program!

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